Yellowstone Expeditions

Yellowstone Expeditions Reading Recommendations

Reading a good book at the 'Yurt Camp'

We have put together a short listing of some of our favorite Yellowstone books. The menu on the left can be used to select a subject category. The list includes books about Yellowstone or the winter environment which we hope will give you a feeling for how special winter in Yellowstone National Park is.

These books can also be purchased from either of our two bookstores in West Yellowstone:

The Book Peddler (Susan)
(406) 646-9358

The Book Worm (Scott or June)
(406) 646-9736

Your local bookstore or online bookstores such as have many of these books available. I have had good luck with when I have been looking for used or "out of print books". We have many of these books in our bookshelf and available for reading at the "Yellowstone Yurt Camp"