Yellowstone Expeditions

Cross Country Ski Tours in Yellowstone National Park

The Yellowstone River at Seven Mile Hole

Additional trail sections can be added on to many of the trails listed in the "More Difficult" trail section to make them more challenging. This additional trail length, and in many cases, technically more challenging trail sections will provide enjoyment for the advanced skier.

Seven Mile Hole Trail...

Difficulty Level: Most Challenging (Endurance)

A fairly level three mile trail leads us to the canyon rim above Seven Mile Hole. There we begin a 1,500 ft. descent to the Yellowstone River. There are also several hot springs near the bottom of the Canyon that are quite pretty. This round trip requires a full day and is physically quite challenging.

Telemarking off of the Cascade Ridge

The Washburn Range Ridge Run...

Difficulty Level: Most Challenging (Technical and Endurance)

The ridge top and summit bowls provide a challenge for the more adventurous skiers and telemarkers. Physical endurance and good technical skills are needed for this trip. There are several days worth of skiing in this area.

On the trail to Glen Africa Basin

Glen Africa Basin...

Difficulty Level: Most Challenging (Endurance)

Glen Africa Basin is located on the very back side of Hayden Valley. The round trip distance to get to the basin and back is close to 18 miles. Depending on snow conditions, this trail can be quite challenging. The basin is a water dominated hot spring system. Heat from the basin melts all of the snow around the hot springs. We usually see a variety of animals along this trail.

On the trail to Valhalla

The Trail to Valhalla...

Difficulty Level: Most Challenging (Technical and Endurance)

The trail to Valhalla continues on from Inkpot Springs/Washburn Springs. The trail leads to the Canyon rim for a view into the middle reaches of the Canyon. Some skiers have reported visions of Valkyries accompanied by ravens along this trail. We will save the mead for later when we return to the Yurt Camp (if the Valkyries allow us to return....)